AES-128 encryption class (running in Cipher Block Chaining mode) More...

#include <aes128_encrypt.h>

Public Member Functions

 AES128_Encrypt ()
 Constructs a AES-128 generator (running in Cipher Block Chaining mode) More...
void add (const void *data, int size)
 Adds data to be encrypted. More...
void add (const DataBuffer &data)
 Add data to be encrypted. More...
void calculate ()
 Finalize encryption. More...
DataBuffer get_data () const
 Get encrypted data. More...
void reset ()
 Resets the encryption. More...
void set_iv (const unsigned char iv[iv_size])
 Sets the initialisation vector. More...
void set_key (const unsigned char key[key_size])
 Sets the cipher key. More...
void set_padding (bool value=true, bool use_pkcs7=true, unsigned int num_additional_padded_blocks=0)
 Enable AES Padding. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const int block_size = 16
static const int iv_size = 16
static const int key_size = 16

Detailed Description

AES-128 encryption class (running in Cipher Block Chaining mode)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

clan::AES128_Encrypt::AES128_Encrypt ( )

Constructs a AES-128 generator (running in Cipher Block Chaining mode)

Member Function Documentation

void clan::AES128_Encrypt::add ( const void *  data,
int  size 

Adds data to be encrypted.

void clan::AES128_Encrypt::add ( const DataBuffer data)

Add data to be encrypted.

data= Data Buffer
void clan::AES128_Encrypt::calculate ( )

Finalize encryption.

DataBuffer clan::AES128_Encrypt::get_data ( ) const

Get encrypted data.

This is the databuffer used internally to store the encrypted data. You may call "set_size()" to clear the buffer, inbetween calls to "add()" You may call "set_capacity()" to optimise storage requirements before the add() call

void clan::AES128_Encrypt::reset ( )

Resets the encryption.

void clan::AES128_Encrypt::set_iv ( const unsigned char  iv[iv_size])

Sets the initialisation vector.

This should be a random number
This must be called before the initial add()

void clan::AES128_Encrypt::set_key ( const unsigned char  key[key_size])

Sets the cipher key.

This must be called before the initial add()

void clan::AES128_Encrypt::set_padding ( bool  value = true,
bool  use_pkcs7 = true,
unsigned int  num_additional_padded_blocks = 0 

Enable AES Padding.

Example (use_pkcs7==true) : ... 0x03 0x03 0x03 (3 octets of padding) Example (use_pkcs7==false) : ... 0x02 0x02 0x02 (3 octets of padding, the last octet is the length)

value= true = Enable padding (default)
use_pkcs7= true = This uses the PKCS#7/RFC3369 method (Enabled by default). false = use the TLS method (rfc2246)
num_additional_padded_blocks= (Only valid when use_pkcs7==false). Set to "frustrate attacks on a protocol based on analysis of the lengths of exchanged messages". (Range 0 to 15)

Member Data Documentation

const int clan::AES128_Encrypt::block_size = 16
const int clan::AES128_Encrypt::iv_size = 16
const int clan::AES128_Encrypt::key_size = 16

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