Blend state description. More...

#include <blend_state_description.h>

Public Member Functions

 BlendStateDescription ()
BlendStateDescription clone () const
void enable_blending (bool value)
 Enable/Disable blending. More...
void enable_color_write (bool red, bool green, bool blue, bool alpha)
 Enable/disable writing to the color buffer. More...
void enable_logic_op (bool enabled)
 Enable/disable logic op. (clanGL only) More...
void get_blend_equation (BlendEquation &out_color, BlendEquation &out_alpha) const
void get_blend_function (BlendFunc &out_src, BlendFunc &out_dest, BlendFunc &out_src_alpha, BlendFunc &out_dest_alpha) const
void get_color_write (bool &out_red, bool &out_green, bool &out_blue, bool &out_alpha) const
LogicOp get_logic_op () const
bool is_blending_enabled () const
bool is_logic_op_enabled () const
bool operator< (const BlendStateDescription &other) const
bool operator== (const BlendStateDescription &other) const
void set_blend_equation (BlendEquation color, BlendEquation alpha)
 Set the constant color used in the blend equations. More...
void set_blend_function (BlendFunc src, BlendFunc dest, BlendFunc src_alpha, BlendFunc dest_alpha)
 Set the blend functions. More...
void set_logic_op (LogicOp op)
 Set logic operation. (clanGL only) More...

Static Public Member Functions

static BlendStateDescription blend (bool src_premultiplied, bool dest_premultiplied=true)
static BlendStateDescription opaque ()

Detailed Description

Blend state description.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

clan::BlendStateDescription::BlendStateDescription ( )

Member Function Documentation

static BlendStateDescription clan::BlendStateDescription::blend ( bool  src_premultiplied,
bool  dest_premultiplied = true 
BlendStateDescription clan::BlendStateDescription::clone ( ) const
void clan::BlendStateDescription::enable_blending ( bool  value)

Enable/Disable blending.

void clan::BlendStateDescription::enable_color_write ( bool  red,
bool  green,
bool  blue,
bool  alpha 

Enable/disable writing to the color buffer.

void clan::BlendStateDescription::enable_logic_op ( bool  enabled)

Enable/disable logic op. (clanGL only)

void clan::BlendStateDescription::get_blend_equation ( BlendEquation out_color,
BlendEquation out_alpha 
) const
void clan::BlendStateDescription::get_blend_function ( BlendFunc out_src,
BlendFunc out_dest,
BlendFunc out_src_alpha,
BlendFunc out_dest_alpha 
) const
void clan::BlendStateDescription::get_color_write ( bool &  out_red,
bool &  out_green,
bool &  out_blue,
bool &  out_alpha 
) const
LogicOp clan::BlendStateDescription::get_logic_op ( ) const
bool clan::BlendStateDescription::is_blending_enabled ( ) const
bool clan::BlendStateDescription::is_logic_op_enabled ( ) const
static BlendStateDescription clan::BlendStateDescription::opaque ( )
bool clan::BlendStateDescription::operator< ( const BlendStateDescription other) const
bool clan::BlendStateDescription::operator== ( const BlendStateDescription other) const
void clan::BlendStateDescription::set_blend_equation ( BlendEquation  color,
BlendEquation  alpha 

Set the constant color used in the blend equations.

void clan::BlendStateDescription::set_blend_function ( BlendFunc  src,
BlendFunc  dest,
BlendFunc  src_alpha,
BlendFunc  dest_alpha 

Set the blend functions.

void clan::BlendStateDescription::set_logic_op ( LogicOp  op)

Set logic operation. (clanGL only)

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