clan::DepthStencilState Class Reference

DepthStencil state setup. More...

#include <depth_stencil_state.h>

Public Member Functions

 DepthStencilState ()
 Constructs a null instance. More...
 DepthStencilState (GraphicContext &context, const DepthStencilStateDescription &desc)
 Constructs a Texture. More...
DepthStencilStateProviderget_provider () const
bool is_null () const
 Returns true if this object is invalid. More...
 operator bool () const

Detailed Description

DepthStencil state setup.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

clan::DepthStencilState::DepthStencilState ( )

Constructs a null instance.

clan::DepthStencilState::DepthStencilState ( GraphicContext context,
const DepthStencilStateDescription desc 

Constructs a Texture.

context= Graphic context
desc= DepthStencil state description

Member Function Documentation

DepthStencilStateProvider* clan::DepthStencilState::get_provider ( ) const
bool clan::DepthStencilState::is_null ( ) const

Returns true if this object is invalid.

clan::DepthStencilState::operator bool ( ) const

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