clan::FileSystemProvider Class Referenceabstract

Virtual File System (VFS) file source. More...

#include <file_system_provider.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~FileSystemProvider ()
virtual std::string get_identifier () const =0
 Get the identifier of this file source. More...
virtual std::string get_path () const =0
 Return the path of this file source. More...
virtual bool initialize_directory_listing (const std::string &path)=0
 Initiate directory listing. More...
virtual bool next_file (DirectoryListingEntry &entry)=0
 Update directory listing item. More...
virtual IODevice open_file (const std::string &filename, File::OpenMode mode=File::open_existing, unsigned int access=File::access_read|File::access_write, unsigned int share=File::share_all, unsigned int flags=0)=0
 Open file from this source. More...

Detailed Description

Virtual File System (VFS) file source.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual clan::FileSystemProvider::~FileSystemProvider ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::string clan::FileSystemProvider::get_identifier ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the identifier of this file source.

The exact format of this identifier depends on the implementation of the underlying filesystem and mounts

the identifier
virtual std::string clan::FileSystemProvider::get_path ( ) const
pure virtual

Return the path of this file source.

virtual bool clan::FileSystemProvider::initialize_directory_listing ( const std::string path)
pure virtual

Initiate directory listing.

virtual bool clan::FileSystemProvider::next_file ( DirectoryListingEntry entry)
pure virtual

Update directory listing item.

virtual IODevice clan::FileSystemProvider::open_file ( const std::string filename,
File::OpenMode  mode = File::open_existing,
unsigned int  access = File::access_read|File::access_write,
unsigned int  share = File::share_all,
unsigned int  flags = 0 
pure virtual

Open file from this source.

param: filename = The filename to use param: mode = File::OpenMode modes param: access = File::AccessFlags flags param: share = File::ShareFlags flags param: flags = File::Flags flags

The IODevice

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