Class for handling HTML urls. More...

#include <html_url.h>

Public Member Functions

 HTMLUrl ()
 HTMLUrl (const std::string &url, const HTMLUrl &base=HTMLUrl())
std::string to_string () const

Public Attributes

std::string content_type
std::string data
std::string encoding
std::string host
std::string path
std::string port
std::string query
std::string scheme

Detailed Description

Class for handling HTML urls.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

clan::HTMLUrl::HTMLUrl ( )
clan::HTMLUrl::HTMLUrl ( const std::string url,
const HTMLUrl base = HTMLUrl() 

Member Function Documentation

std::string clan::HTMLUrl::to_string ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

std::string clan::HTMLUrl::content_type
std::string clan::HTMLUrl::data
std::string clan::HTMLUrl::encoding
std::string clan::HTMLUrl::host
std::string clan::HTMLUrl::path
std::string clan::HTMLUrl::port
std::string clan::HTMLUrl::query
std::string clan::HTMLUrl::scheme

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