clan::Image Member List

This is the complete list of members for clan::Image, including all inherited members.

clone() const clan::Image
draw(Canvas &canvas, float x, float y) const clan::Image
draw(Canvas &canvas, const Rectf &src, const Rectf &dest) const clan::Image
draw(Canvas &canvas, const Rectf &dest) const clan::Image
draw(Canvas &canvas, const Rectf &src, const Quadf &dest) const clan::Image
draw(Canvas &canvas, const Quadf &dest) const clan::Image
get_alignment(Origin &origin, float &x, float &y) const clan::Image
get_alpha() const clan::Image
get_color() const clan::Image
get_height() const clan::Image
get_scale_x() const clan::Image
get_scale_y() const clan::Image
get_size() const clan::Image
get_texture() const clan::Image
get_width() const clan::Image
Image(Texture2D texture, const Rect &rect)clan::Image
Image(Subtexture &sub_texture)clan::Image
Image(Canvas &canvas, const PixelBuffer &pixelbuffer, const Rect &rect)clan::Image
Image(Canvas &canvas, const std::string &filename, const ImageImportDescription &import_desc=ImageImportDescription())clan::Image
Image(Canvas &canvas, const std::string &filename, const FileSystem &fs, const ImageImportDescription &import_desc=ImageImportDescription())clan::Image
is_null() const clan::Imageinline
load(Canvas &canvas, const std::string &id, const XMLResourceDocument &doc)clan::Imagestatic
operator bool() const clan::Imageinlineexplicit
operator!=(const Image &other) const clan::Imageinline
operator<(const Image &other) const clan::Imageinline
operator==(const Image &other) const clan::Imageinline
resource(Canvas &canvas, const std::string &id, const ResourceManager &resources)clan::Imagestatic
set_alignment(Origin origin, float x=0, float y=0)clan::Image
set_alpha(float alpha)clan::Image
set_color(const Colorf &color)clan::Image
set_color(const Color &c)clan::Imageinline
set_linear_filter(bool linear_filter=true)clan::Image
set_scale(float x, float y)clan::Image
set_subimage(Canvas &canvas, int x, int y, const PixelBuffer &image, const Rect &src_rect, int level=0)clan::Image
set_wrap_mode(TextureWrapMode wrap_s, TextureWrapMode wrap_t)clan::Image
throw_if_null() const clan::Image