clan::Line2 Member List

This is the complete list of members for clan::Line2, including all inherited members.

get_intersection(const Line2x< int > &second, bool &intersect) constclan::Line2x< int >
Line2(const Line2x< int > &copy)clan::Line2inline
Line2(const Vec2< int > &point_p, const Vec2< int > &point_q)clan::Line2inline
Line2(const Vec2< int > &point_p, int gradient)clan::Line2inline
Line2x()clan::Line2x< int >inline
Line2x(const Line2x< int > &copy)clan::Line2x< int >inline
Line2x(const Vec2< int > &point_p, const Vec2< int > &point_q)clan::Line2x< int >inline
Line2x(const Vec2< int > &point_p, intgradient)clan::Line2x< int >inline
operator!=(const Line2x< int > &line) constclan::Line2x< int >inline
operator=(const Line2x< int > &copy)clan::Line2x< int >inline
operator==(const Line2x< int > &line) constclan::Line2x< int >inline
pclan::Line2x< int >
point_right_of_line(Vec2< int > point) constclan::Line2x< int >inline
qclan::Line2x< int >