clan::OcclusionQueryProvider Class Referenceabstract

Occlusion query provider. More...

#include <occlusion_query_provider.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~OcclusionQueryProvider ()
virtual void begin ()=0
 Start occlusion query. More...
virtual void create ()=0
 Create occlusion query object. More...
virtual void end ()=0
 Finish occlusion query. More...
virtual int get_result () const =0
 Returns the result of the occlusion query. More...
virtual bool is_result_ready () const =0
 Returns true if the GPU is ready to return the result. More...

Detailed Description

Occlusion query provider.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual clan::OcclusionQueryProvider::~OcclusionQueryProvider ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void clan::OcclusionQueryProvider::begin ( )
pure virtual

Start occlusion query.

virtual void clan::OcclusionQueryProvider::create ( )
pure virtual

Create occlusion query object.

virtual void clan::OcclusionQueryProvider::end ( )
pure virtual

Finish occlusion query.

virtual int clan::OcclusionQueryProvider::get_result ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the result of the occlusion query.

virtual bool clan::OcclusionQueryProvider::is_result_ready ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns true if the GPU is ready to return the result.

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