clan::OutlineTriangulator Class Reference

Polygon Tesselator. More...

#include <outline_triangulator.h>

Public Member Functions

 OutlineTriangulator ()
 Creates a tessellation object. More...
virtual ~OutlineTriangulator ()
void add_vertex (float x, float y, void *data)
 This function specifies a vertex on a polygon. More...
void generate ()
 Converts passed polygons into triangles. More...
void next_contour ()
 Mark next contour in polygon path. More...
void next_polygon ()
 Mark next polygon. More...

Detailed Description

Polygon Tesselator.

This class uses constrained delauney triangulation to convert polygon outlines into triangles.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

clan::OutlineTriangulator::OutlineTriangulator ( )

Creates a tessellation object.

virtual clan::OutlineTriangulator::~OutlineTriangulator ( )

Member Function Documentation

void clan::OutlineTriangulator::add_vertex ( float  x,
float  y,
void *  data 

This function specifies a vertex on a polygon.

void clan::OutlineTriangulator::generate ( )

Converts passed polygons into triangles.

void clan::OutlineTriangulator::next_contour ( )

Mark next contour in polygon path.

void clan::OutlineTriangulator::next_polygon ( )

Mark next polygon.

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