clan::PNGOutputDescription Class Reference

Set PNG output options. Used with PNGProvider::save(). More...

#include <png_output_description.h>

Public Member Functions

 PNGOutputDescription (int bit_depth=8, PNGColorType color_type=png_color_type_rgb_alpha)
 Create output description. More...
void add_comment (const std::string &comment, std::string &keyword, const std::string &lang, const std::string &translated_keyword)
void add_palette (const PNGOutputDescriptionPalette &palette)
void add_unknown_chunk (const std::string &name, const DataBuffer &chunk_data, PNGUnknownChunkLocation location)
void set_background_color (const Color &background_color)
void set_chromacities (const Vec2f &white, const Vec2f &red, const Vec2f &green, const Vec2f &blue)
void set_chromacities_XYZ (const Vec3f &red, const Vec3f &green, const Vec3f &blue)
void set_filter_method (PNGFilterMethod filter)
void set_gamma (float gamma)
void set_icc_profile (const std::string &profile_name, const DataBuffer &profile_data)
void set_interlace_type (PNGInterlaceType type)
void set_key_color (const Color &color)
void set_modification_time (const DateTime &datetime)
void set_offset_from_screen_topleft (const Vec2i &offset, PNGOffsetUnitType offset_unit_type)
void set_physical_resolution (const Vec2i &resolution, PNGResolutionUnitType resolution_type)
void set_physical_scale (int scale_units, const Sized &pixel_size_in_scale_units)
void set_significant_bits (int num_bits)
void set_srgb_intent (PNGsRGBIntent intent)

Detailed Description

Set PNG output options. Used with PNGProvider::save().

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

clan::PNGOutputDescription::PNGOutputDescription ( int  bit_depth = 8,
PNGColorType  color_type = png_color_type_rgb_alpha 

Create output description.

bit_depthNumber of bits per pixel. valid values are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 - depending on color_type.
color_typeColor mode of output image.

Member Function Documentation

void clan::PNGOutputDescription::add_comment ( const std::string comment,
std::string keyword,
const std::string lang,
const std::string translated_keyword 
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::add_palette ( const PNGOutputDescriptionPalette palette)
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::add_unknown_chunk ( const std::string name,
const DataBuffer chunk_data,
PNGUnknownChunkLocation  location 
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_background_color ( const Color background_color)
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_chromacities ( const Vec2f white,
const Vec2f red,
const Vec2f green,
const Vec2f blue 
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_chromacities_XYZ ( const Vec3f red,
const Vec3f green,
const Vec3f blue 
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_filter_method ( PNGFilterMethod  filter)
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_gamma ( float  gamma)
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_icc_profile ( const std::string profile_name,
const DataBuffer profile_data 
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_interlace_type ( PNGInterlaceType  type)
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_key_color ( const Color color)
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_modification_time ( const DateTime datetime)
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_offset_from_screen_topleft ( const Vec2i offset,
PNGOffsetUnitType  offset_unit_type 
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_physical_resolution ( const Vec2i resolution,
PNGResolutionUnitType  resolution_type 
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_physical_scale ( int  scale_units,
const Sized pixel_size_in_scale_units 
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_significant_bits ( int  num_bits)
void clan::PNGOutputDescription::set_srgb_intent ( PNGsRGBIntent  intent)

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