clan::Path Member List

This is the complete list of members for clan::Path, including all inherited members.

bezier_to(const Pointf &control, const Pointf &point)clan::Path
bezier_to(const Pointf &control1, const Pointf &control2, const Pointf &point)clan::Path
CanvasImpl classclan::Pathfriend
circle(float center_x, float center_y, float radius)clan::Pathinlinestatic
circle(const Pointf &center, float radius)clan::Pathinlinestatic
clone() const clan::Path
ellipse(float center_x, float center_y, float radius_x, float radius_y)clan::Pathinlinestatic
ellipse(const Pointf &center, const Sizef &radius)clan::Pathstatic
fill(Canvas &canvas, const Brush &brush)clan::Path
fill_and_stroke(Canvas &canvas, const Pen &pen, const Brush &brush)clan::Path
get_impl() const clan::Pathinline
glyph(Canvas &canvas, Font &font, unsigned int glyph, GlyphMetrics &out_metrics)clan::Pathstatic
line(const Pointf &start, const Pointf &end)clan::Pathstatic
line(float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2)clan::Pathinlinestatic
line_to(const Pointf &point)clan::Path
line_to(float x, float y)clan::Pathinline
move_to(const Pointf &point)clan::Path
move_to(float x, float y)clan::Pathinline
operator+=(const Path &path)clan::Path
rect(const Rectf &box)clan::Pathstatic
rect(float x, float y, float width, float height)clan::Pathinlinestatic
rect(const Rectf &box, const clan::Sizef &corner)clan::Pathstatic
set_fill_mode(PathFillMode fill_mode)clan::Path
stroke(Canvas &canvas, const Pen &pen)clan::Path
transform_self(const Mat3f &transform)clan::Path