clan::Pointd Member List

This is the complete list of members for clan::Pointd, including all inherited members.

angle(const Vec2< double > &vector) constclan::Vec2< double >
angle_line(const Vec2< double > &point) constclan::Vec2< double >
angle_normed(const Vec2< double > &vector) constclan::Vec2< double >
calc_origin(Origin origin, const Sizex< double > &size)clan::Vec2< double >static
datatype typedefclan::Vec2< double >
distance(const Vec2< double > &vector) constclan::Vec2< double >
dot(const Vec2< double > &vector_1, const Vec2< double > &vector_2)clan::Vec2< double >inlinestatic
dot(const Vec2< double > &vector) constclan::Vec2< double >inline
gclan::Vec2< double >
is_equal(const Vec2< double > &first, const Vec2< double > &second, doubleepsilon)clan::Vec2< double >inlinestatic
is_equal(const Vec2< double > &other, doubleepsilon) constclan::Vec2< double >inline
length() constclan::Vec2< double >
normalize(const Vec2< double > &vector)clan::Vec2< double >static
normalize()clan::Vec2< double >
operator!=(const Vec2< double > &vector) constclan::Vec2< double >inline
operator*=(const Vec2< double > &vector)clan::Vec2< double >inline
operator*=(doublevalue)clan::Vec2< double >inline
operator+=(const Vec2< double > &vector)clan::Vec2< double >inline
operator+=(doublevalue)clan::Vec2< double >inline
operator-() constclan::Vec2< double >inline
operator-=(const Vec2< double > &vector)clan::Vec2< double >inline
operator-=(doublevalue)clan::Vec2< double >inline
operator/=(const Vec2< double > &vector)clan::Vec2< double >inline
operator/=(doublevalue)clan::Vec2< double >inline
operator<(const Vec2< double > &vector) constclan::Vec2< double >inline
operator=(const Vec2< double > &vector)clan::Vec2< double >inline
operator==(const Vec2< double > &vector) constclan::Vec2< double >inline
Pointd(double x, double y)clan::Pointdinline
Pointd(const Pointx< double > &p)clan::Pointdinline
Pointd(const Vec2< double > &p)clan::Pointdinline
Pointx()clan::Pointx< double >inline
Pointx(doublex, doubley)clan::Pointx< double >inline
Pointx(const Pointx< double > &p)clan::Pointx< double >inline
Pointx(const Vec2< double > &p)clan::Pointx< double >inline
rclan::Vec2< double >
rotate(const Vec2< double > &vector, const Vec2< double > &hotspot, const Angle &angle)clan::Vec2< double >static
rotate(const Vec2< double > &hotspot, const Angle &angle)clan::Vec2< double >
round(const Vec2< double > &vector)clan::Vec2< double >static
round()clan::Vec2< double >
round_value(float value) constclan::Vec2< double >
sclan::Vec2< double >
tclan::Vec2< double >
Vec2()clan::Vec2< double >inline
Vec2(const double &scalar)clan::Vec2< double >inlineexplicit
Vec2(const Vec3< double > &copy)clan::Vec2< double >inlineexplicit
Vec2(const Vec4< double > &copy)clan::Vec2< double >inlineexplicit
Vec2(const double &p1, const double &p2)clan::Vec2< double >inlineexplicit
Vec2(const double *array_xy)clan::Vec2< double >inlineexplicit
Vec2(const Vec2< double > &copy)clan::Vec2< double >
Vec2(const Vec2< float > &copy)clan::Vec2< double >
Vec2(const Vec2< int > &copy)clan::Vec2< double >
xclan::Vec2< double >
yclan::Vec2< double >