clan::RasterizerStateDescription Class Reference

Rasterizer state description. More...

#include <rasterizer_state_description.h>

Public Member Functions

 RasterizerStateDescription ()
RasterizerStateDescription clone () const
void enable_antialiased (bool value)
 Enables/disables anti-aliasing. (clanGL only) More...
void enable_line_antialiasing (bool enabled)
 Setting to true enables line antialiasing. More...
void enable_offset_fill (bool value)
 Enables/disables polygon offsetting. More...
void enable_offset_line (bool value)
 Enables/disables line offsetting. More...
void enable_offset_point (bool value)
 Enables/disables point offsetting. More...
void enable_point_size (bool enable)
 Enables if points sizes is set by the vertex shader. (clanGL only) More...
void enable_scissor (bool enabled)
 Enables/disables if clipping rects are used. More...
bool get_antialiased () const
bool get_culled () const
bool get_enable_line_antialiasing () const
bool get_enable_scissor () const
CullMode get_face_cull_mode () const
FillMode get_face_fill_mode () const
FaceSide get_front_face () const
bool get_offset_fill () const
bool get_offset_line () const
bool get_offset_point () const
float get_point_fade_treshold_size () const
float get_point_size () const
PointSpriteOrigin get_point_sprite_origin () const
void get_polygon_offset (float &out_factor, float &out_units) const
bool is_point_size () const
bool operator< (const RasterizerStateDescription &other) const
bool operator== (const RasterizerStateDescription &other) const
void set_culled (bool value)
 Enables/disables polygon cull clipping. More...
void set_face_cull_mode (CullMode value)
 Sets the polygon cull clipping mode. More...
void set_face_fill_mode (FillMode value)
 Sets the filling mode for polygons. More...
void set_front_face (FaceSide value)
 Sets which side is the front side of a face. More...
void set_point_fade_treshold_size (float)
 Alpha fade point once minimum size treshold reached. Requires multisampling to be enabled. (clanGL only) More...
void set_point_size (float)
 The default value is 1.0 (clanGL only) More...
void set_point_sprite_origin (PointSpriteOrigin origin)
 Sets the origin of texture point sprites. (clanGL only) More...
void set_polygon_offset (float factor, float units)
 Sets the offset factor. More...

Detailed Description

Rasterizer state description.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

clan::RasterizerStateDescription::RasterizerStateDescription ( )

Member Function Documentation

RasterizerStateDescription clan::RasterizerStateDescription::clone ( ) const
void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::enable_antialiased ( bool  value)

Enables/disables anti-aliasing. (clanGL only)

void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::enable_line_antialiasing ( bool  enabled)

Setting to true enables line antialiasing.

Initially antialiasing of lines is disabled.

void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::enable_offset_fill ( bool  value)

Enables/disables polygon offsetting.

void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::enable_offset_line ( bool  value)

Enables/disables line offsetting.

void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::enable_offset_point ( bool  value)

Enables/disables point offsetting.

void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::enable_point_size ( bool  enable)

Enables if points sizes is set by the vertex shader. (clanGL only)

void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::enable_scissor ( bool  enabled)

Enables/disables if clipping rects are used.

bool clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_antialiased ( ) const
bool clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_culled ( ) const
bool clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_enable_line_antialiasing ( ) const
bool clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_enable_scissor ( ) const
CullMode clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_face_cull_mode ( ) const
FillMode clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_face_fill_mode ( ) const
FaceSide clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_front_face ( ) const
bool clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_offset_fill ( ) const
bool clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_offset_line ( ) const
bool clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_offset_point ( ) const
float clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_point_fade_treshold_size ( ) const
float clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_point_size ( ) const
PointSpriteOrigin clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_point_sprite_origin ( ) const
void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::get_polygon_offset ( float &  out_factor,
float &  out_units 
) const
bool clan::RasterizerStateDescription::is_point_size ( ) const
bool clan::RasterizerStateDescription::operator< ( const RasterizerStateDescription other) const
bool clan::RasterizerStateDescription::operator== ( const RasterizerStateDescription other) const
void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::set_culled ( bool  value)

Enables/disables polygon cull clipping.

void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::set_face_cull_mode ( CullMode  value)

Sets the polygon cull clipping mode.

void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::set_face_fill_mode ( FillMode  value)

Sets the filling mode for polygons.

void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::set_front_face ( FaceSide  value)

Sets which side is the front side of a face.

void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::set_point_fade_treshold_size ( float  )

Alpha fade point once minimum size treshold reached. Requires multisampling to be enabled. (clanGL only)

void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::set_point_size ( float  )

The default value is 1.0 (clanGL only)

void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::set_point_sprite_origin ( PointSpriteOrigin  origin)

Sets the origin of texture point sprites. (clanGL only)

void clan::RasterizerStateDescription::set_polygon_offset ( float  factor,
float  units 

Sets the offset factor.

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