Key class. More...

#include <secret.h>

Public Member Functions

 Secret ()
 Constructs a key (unset) More...
 Secret (unsigned int new_key_length)
 Constructs a key to a specified length. More...
unsigned char * get_data () const
 Get the key data. More...
unsigned int get_size () const
 Get the key size. More...

Detailed Description

Key class.

This class zero's the key from memory when the class is destroyed

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

clan::Secret::Secret ( )

Constructs a key (unset)

clan::Secret::Secret ( unsigned int  new_key_length)

Constructs a key to a specified length.

The data is not initialised

new_key_length= Length of the key

Member Function Documentation

unsigned char* clan::Secret::get_data ( ) const

Get the key data.

The key
unsigned int clan::Secret::get_size ( ) const

Get the key size.

The key size

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