Style property set. More...

#include <style.h>

Public Member Functions

 Style ()
 Style (const Style &)=delete
 ~Style ()
StyleGetValue declared_value (const char *property_name) const
 Retrieve the declared value for a property. More...
StyleGetValue declared_value (const std::string &property_name) const
Styleoperator= (const Style &)=delete
void set (const std::string &properties)
template<class Arg1 , typename... Values>
void set (const std::string &properties, Arg1 arg1, Values...values)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string to_rgba (const Colorf &c)
 Static helper that generates a "rgba(%1,%2,%3,%4)" string for the given color. More...

Detailed Description

Style property set.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

clan::Style::Style ( )
clan::Style::Style ( const Style )
clan::Style::~Style ( )

Member Function Documentation

StyleGetValue clan::Style::declared_value ( const char *  property_name) const

Retrieve the declared value for a property.

StyleGetValue clan::Style::declared_value ( const std::string property_name) const

References declared_value().

Referenced by declared_value().

Style& clan::Style::operator= ( const Style )
void clan::Style::set ( const std::string properties)

Parse and apply CSS properties to property set

The properties string uses the same syntax as when styles are specified using the 'style' attribute in HTML. This function does not clear the current properties already set and can be called multiple times with individual sets of properties.

Additional arguments can be passed in and will be inserted with the same syntax as when using the string_format function.

Referenced by set().

template<class Arg1 , typename... Values>
void clan::Style::set ( const std::string properties,
Arg1  arg1,
Values...  values 

References set(), and clan::string_format().

static std::string clan::Style::to_rgba ( const Colorf c)

Static helper that generates a "rgba(%1,%2,%3,%4)" string for the given color.

References clan::Vec4< Type >::a, clan::Vec4< Type >::b, clan::clamp, clan::Vec4< Type >::g, clan::Vec4< Type >::r, and clan::string_format().

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