1 /*
2 ** ClanLib SDK
3 ** Copyright (c) 1997-2016 The ClanLib Team
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5 ** This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied
6 ** warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages
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9 ** Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose,
10 ** including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it
11 ** freely, subject to the following restrictions:
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13 ** 1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not
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19 ** 3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution.
20 **
21 ** Note: Some of the libraries ClanLib may link to may have additional
22 ** requirements or restrictions.
23 **
24 ** File Author(s):
25 **
26 ** Magnus Norddahl
27 */
29 #pragma once
31 #include "../Display/display_target.h"
32 #include <memory>
33 #include <d3d11.h>
35 namespace clan
36 {
40  class Texture;
41  class PixelBuffer;
42  class VertexArrayBuffer;
43  class ElementArrayBuffer;
44  class RenderBuffer;
45  class UniformBuffer;
46  class GraphicContext;
49  class D3DTarget
50  {
51  public:
55  static bool is_current();
60  static ID3D11Texture2D *get_texture2d_handle(const GraphicContext &gc, const Texture &texture);
65  static ID3D11Texture2D *get_texture2d_handle(const GraphicContext &gc, const PixelBuffer &pixel_buffer);
70  static ID3D11Texture2D *get_texture2d_handle(const GraphicContext &gc, const RenderBuffer &render_buffer);
75  static ID3D11Buffer *get_buffer_handle(const GraphicContext &gc, const VertexArrayBuffer &buffer);
80  static ID3D11Buffer *get_buffer_handle(const GraphicContext &gc, const ElementArrayBuffer &buffer);
85  static ID3D11Buffer *get_buffer_handle(const GraphicContext &gc, const UniformBuffer &buffer);
90  static ID3D11ShaderResourceView *get_srv_handle(const GraphicContext &gc, const Texture &texture);
95  static ID3D11Device *get_device_handle(const GraphicContext &gc);
100  static ID3D11DeviceContext *get_device_context_handle(const GraphicContext &gc);
105  static IDXGISwapChain *get_swap_chain_handle(const GraphicContext &gc);
110  static ID3D11RenderTargetView *get_back_buffer_rtv_handle(const GraphicContext &gc);
113  static void throw_if_failed(const char *text, HRESULT result);
116  static void set_current();
117  };
120 }
static ID3D11RenderTargetView * get_back_buffer_rtv_handle(const GraphicContext &gc)
Returns the Direct3D render target view for the swap chain back buffer.
Definition: clanapp.h:35
static ID3D11Buffer * get_buffer_handle(const GraphicContext &gc, const VertexArrayBuffer &buffer)
Returns the Direct3D handle used by the buffer object.
Vertex Array Buffer.
Definition: vertex_array_buffer.h:45
Texture object class.
Definition: texture.h:102
static void throw_if_failed(const char *text, HRESULT result)
Throws an exception with the specified text if the passed result is an error condition.
Pixel data container.
Definition: pixel_buffer.h:67
Display target for clanDisplay.
Definition: d3d_target.h:49
static bool is_current()
Returns true if this display target is the current target.
static ID3D11Texture2D * get_texture2d_handle(const GraphicContext &gc, const Texture &texture)
Returns the Direct3D handle used by the texture object.
Element Array Buffer.
Definition: element_array_buffer.h:45
Uniform Buffer.
Definition: uniform_buffer.h:46
static ID3D11Device * get_device_handle(const GraphicContext &gc)
Returns the Direct3D device handle used by the graphic context.
Interface to drawing graphics.
Definition: graphic_context.h:256
static IDXGISwapChain * get_swap_chain_handle(const GraphicContext &gc)
Returns the Direct3D swap chain handle used by the graphic context.
static ID3D11DeviceContext * get_device_context_handle(const GraphicContext &gc)
Returns the Direct3D device context handle used by the graphic context.
static void set_current()
Set this display target to be the current target.
Render-buffer object class.
Definition: render_buffer.h:46
static ID3D11ShaderResourceView * get_srv_handle(const GraphicContext &gc, const Texture &texture)
Returns the Direct3D shader resource view handle used by the texture object.